The Swedenborg Scientific Association, The New Philosophy Online Preserving, Translating, Publishing, and Distributing the Scientific and Philosophical Works of Emanuel Swedenborg

Mission Statement


The Charter of the Swedenborg Scientific Association, notarized in June 1906, includes eight articles, the second of which reads as follows:

"Purpose: First: To preserve, translate (into any language), publish and distribute, the scientific and philosophical works of Emanuel Swedenborg. Second: To promote the principles taught in these works."

The other articles deal with legal matters pertaining to the corporation, and to its business affairs and management. The mission offered below takes into account the purposes as stated above.


The mission of the Swedenborg Scientific Association is: to publish the pre-theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg; to make known the ideas contained therein through available publishing media; to sponsor research into these works, both as to their relationship to the cultural environment of the 18th and following centuries, and to the development of Swedenborg's ideas as preparation for his role as revelator; and to publish collateral literature that supports the above.

This mission will be fulfilled by:

  • Publishing the works in question;
  • Promoting research in, and talks and discussion of, Swedenborg's ideas as given in both the pre-theological and theological works, thereby advancing scholarship in them;
  • Supporting translation of Swedenborg's works, and of collateral literature that informs them;
  • Publishing a journal;
  • Publishing collateral literature.

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